Piers Past

Stromness Piers have been a favoured photographic subject for centuries, evidenced by the postcards produced by Tom Kent at the turn of the last century and the postcards of today. In this section we have gathered photographs from the Orkney Library & Archive, the Gunnie Moberg Archive, Hoy Heritage (Harry Berry collection) and the Stromness Museum late 19thC photography collection. We intend to keep adding to this section.

stromness_00011Gunnie Moberg Archive, Orkney Library & Archive


wh-p484William Hourston, Orkney Library & Archive


stromness_00005Gunnie Moberg Archive, Orkney Library & Archive


tk3534Tom Kent, Orkney Library & Archive


loganair over stromness editGunnie Moberg Archive, Orkney Library & Archive


HHHarryBerryStromness002Harry Berry collection, Hoy Heritage


tk3516Tom Kent, Orkney Library & Archive


HHHarryBerryStromness001Harry Berry collection, Hoy Heritage


GWW-A248Tom Kent, Orkney Library & Archive


rhr4625RH Robertson, Orkney Library & Archive


GM673Gunnie Moberg Archive, Orkney Library & Archive


tk3510Tom Kent, Orkney Library & Archive


HHHarryBerry1903Stromness003Harry Berry collection, Hoy Heritage


GMstromness_handtintedGunnie Moberg Archive, Orkney Library & Archive


TK1557Tom Kent, Orkney Library & Archive


TK1611Tom Kent, Orkney Library & Archive


TK1612Tom Kent, Orkney Library & Archive


tomkentedit-91Tom Kent, Orkney Library & Archive


TK1615Tom Kent, Orkney Library & Archive


TK1614Tom Kent, Orkney Library & Archive


TK1613Tom Kent, Orkney Library & Archive


48 - Houses and piersStromness Museum Late 19thC collection


51 - View from Brass pierStromness Museum Late 19thC collection


55 - The Pier HeadStromness Museum Late 19thC collection


56 - Fishergirls tub raceStromness Museum Late 19thC collection


54 - Looking southStromness Museum Late 19thC collection


53 - Gutters at workStromness Museum Late 19thC collection


50 - Arriving by seaStromness Museum Late 19thC collection


49 - Victorian Sunday afternoonStromness Museum Late 19thC collection


WH920MR&MrsRobertGriegLifeboatCoxswain001William Hourston, Orkney Library & Archive



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