Drawing on the piers


Artist Diana Leslie led a series of drawings workshops during one day in July. The results are shared here below and have been published in a beautiful book you can buy here or download as a pdf file here.

Thanks to the artists who took part. There are a few works from the project which remain anonymous.

John Butterfield, Kerrianne Flett, Kirsty Groundwater, Alexander Groundwater, Magnus Groundwater, Mirran Hall,Emma Lawson, Eleanor Pierce, Gina Pierce, Magnus Pierce, Matthew Pierce, Harry Price, Fiona Sanderson, Jenny Taylor, Wendy Taylor, Fraser Winterburn, Jim Winterburn, Alenka Ziezmer.

Alenka Ziezmer

Eleanor Pearce i

Eleanor Pearce iii

Eleanor Pearce

Eleanor Pearceii(1)

Emma Lawson

Fiona Sanderson

Fraser Winterburn ii

Fraser Winterburn

Gina Pearce i

Gina Pearce ii

Gina Pearce iii

Gina Pearce iv

Gina Pearce v

Gina Pearce vi

Gina Pearce vii

Harry Price

Isobel Peacrceii

Isobel Pearce i

Isobel Pearce iii

Jim Winterburn

John Butterfield ii

John Butterfield

Kerrianne Flett ii

Kerrianne Flett

Kirsty Groundwater ii

Kirsty Groundwater

Magnus Groundwater i

Magnus Pearce i

Magnus Pearce ii

Magnus Pearce

Matthew Pearce ii

Matthew Pearce iii

Matthew Pearce iv

Matthew Pearce vii

Matthew Pearce

Mirran Hall

Wendy Taylor



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