About the project

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‘Listening to the piers’ is a Stromness Museum project with events held during 2017.

The project is a collaboration between archaeologists, artists, marine biologists and the public, to celebrate Stromness 200 Per Mare. This marks two centuries since Stromness became a Burgh of Barony allowing the town to take control of its own affairs, and taking as its motto ‘Per Mare’ meaning by the sea or sustained by the sea.

Stromness piers are a rich part of that story.

This site is intended as a repository for all the information and images unearthed during the project allowing us somewhere to share it and add to it beyond the year of the project.

Stromness Museum thanks the project funders and partners:

Heritage Lottery Fund

University of the Highlands and Islands Archaeology Institute

Heriot Watt University, Orkney

Year of History Heritage & Archaeology 2017

Stromness 200 Per Mare

Project workers:

Archaeologist: Dan Lee

Artists: Diana Leslie / Mark Jenkins / Rebecca Marr

Marine Biologists: Andrew Want / Joanne Porter

Stromness 200 Per Mare coordinator: Kirsty Groundwater

Stromness Museum support: Janette Park / Jen Harland / Custodians / Collections team


Thank you to: Charlotte & Crispin Worthington for use of their boatshed

image: South Pier, Rebecca Marr 2015

image: South Pier, Rebecca Marr 2015

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